Hair. It's most likely my favorite thing to do if we are being honest.

I love doing clients; I love doing my own hair; and I literally work in a place where a dozen plus people are doing the same thing as me. Any type of hair is my favorite. My clients will be posted on this page unless it just gets too much and I want to make a separate one but for now, I think all hair should remain under one page. Inspiration usually hits and my hair is either too curly or wet from showering by the time I get in full swing. That's when I grab all my friends or my mom and just decide that I'm doing their hair for the day (regardless of whether or not they need a wedding updo for a grocery trip to Kroger :P ) If you use any of these pictures, please tag me in them and give credit to me as they are all my own pictures and my own content.

I work Tuesday-Friday in salon.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday hours 9-5. Thursday 9-7.

  1. Haircut

    1. 40

  2. Male Cut

    1. 20

  3. Blowout

    1. 100

  4. Highlights

    1. 70 (starts at)

    2. Partial starts at $70*, Full starts at $90*, Partial partial $35

    3. Partial partial is usually a face framing piece just to brighten up

  5. Specialty Highlighting, Foilyage, Balayage

    1. 135* (starts at)

  6. Brazilian Blowout

    1. 275

  7. Glaze/Toner

    1. 15*

  8. Contour Glaze

    1. 30*

    2. Root Shadow and Glaze

  9. Habit Hand Tied Extension Method

    1. 500 for install

    2. Hair not included

    3. $250 for move-up every 8-10 weeks

    4. $50 for removal

  10. Human Hair Extension

    1. 400 (one pack of hair)

    2. Any added packs are the same price added onto. (Ex. 2 packs = $800)

    3. Most clients for length and thickness require 2 packs to match the hair density and/ or texture.

  11. Keratin Treatment

    1. 100/hr

  12. B3 Bond Builder / Olaplex

    1. 25* (starts at)

    2. Additives for Color

  13. Olaplex or B3 Bond Builder

    1. 35* (starts at)

    2. Stand-Alone Treatment

  14. Consultation — Free 15 minutes

*price may vary depending on extra bowls of color, treatment

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