SO IN THE BEGINNING...I was going to do some super inspiring fit post of how I came along on my fitness journey, yada yada but then that wouldn't necessarily be true so I figured why lie? Who am I kidding? I freaking love food and to pretend otherwise is such a huge joke. I will post recipes that I find places for my brief cooking nights where I pretend that I'm an actual adult and cook my own food. (HA! see the word "brief" for context.) and then most likely post my workouts because ever since I was a little kid, I was surrounded by Fitness Father and Buff Brothers and played basketball for years before assisting coaching past highschool. I'm always around it. I'm not super healthy although I do like salad and I'm not super muscular (see above for "freaking love food") and usually am too lazy to do much of anything outside of my basketball workouts now that my highschool days are over. I'm (attempting) to get back into heavy lifting and running back to what I used to do but I can't in good consciousness act like I'm overly fit and workout 24/7 and post inspiring pictures of how fit I am at the gym. I mean, come on, y'all. Let's be real here. This is a no lie zone, ova here :P

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